In April 2012 the school started with two students (sisters) on a third floor of a building. The parents had apprehension about the stability of the school since I had no experience in running school independently. But I explained and convinced them. My next door neighbor’s child, whom I had given a free hearing aid, came to join in the same month.

In June children also started to join in the school. A ten year old child who did not have any schooling as yet, father being an auto rickshaw driver, also joined and showed remarkable improvement under organized training. Some hearing impaired students joined after observing their friends being benefited from the school in terms of speech development. In fact, they shifted base from Chennai to Hyderabad for the school.

In July also, there were many new admissions in mentally challenged children ( Slow learners and behavior problem ). One of whose parents were very satisfied with their ward’s improvement in behavior.