Special occasions
15th August, Independence day was celebrated, in remembering independence struggle, with great enthusiasm. Sweets and fruits were also distributed to all to acknowledge the occasion. • On teacher’s day, role pay was done to mark the occasion. • School students participated and secured lot of prizes in interschool drawing and fancy dress competition in the month of November 2012.

• The school was honored to have Mr Jagan, an Andhra younger political leader’s, birthday celebration in school premises. The children presented a dance program for the guests and enjoyed cutting and eating the birthday cake. A news coverage was also done for the same and the photograph of the school children along with the guests appeared in Dec 2012 newspaper. Later, a school write up along with aims and process information was published in newspaper to increase the awareness of people about the cause.

• In January, the hearing impaired students were taken for an outing to a film shoot. There they played a small role in the film of the Telegu film hero Nara Rohit. They enjoyed good lunch provided by the film crew and got chocolate bars as take-aways. • Currently, annual day is planned in Feb 2013. School students are being prepared for the same by an event manager and a dance teacher.