Reason for the setting of the school
Having been worked with private and government organizations several years, I used to visit many different places to check and collect data of the number and kind of hearing impairment in people including children. I found that hearing impaired children were left alone at home by care givers who go out for work to earn money, with no proper living conditions let alone meaningful engagements. I used to give home based hearing impairment training to these children which was meager use to them. In the course of my job, I found that the parents are unaware and too occupied in trying to make a living rather than making use of the latest advancements in the field of hearing impairment which could make their hearing impaired children be no burden to them if trained. Feeling the constraints, I was dissatisfied with the outcome, so I thought of having my own strategies and methods to make people more aware and be more useful in positively influencing a wider spectrum of people faster. Therefore, with a backing of ten years experience and saved salary, I quit from government job and set up “Abhaya Pradha Speech School”.