Our Mission Our Vision
We at Abhaya pradha School believe in the dignity and potential of every child- with or without hearing impairment. Through the provision of comprehensive and individualized educational, social and support services, also, in partnership with parents, professionals and the community, we help children with special needs to grow and learn on a path towards a more independent life. Thus integrating them into mainstream schools and colleges so that they can claim their rightful place as equal citizens in future and in return contribute to our society actively.

Empowering hearing-impaired children to use their innate capacities to reach an optimum level of independence- both personally and professionally; thus transforming a large group of people depending on lifelong support from the State into a group of healthy, positive contributors to the economy. The goal for all of our students are to gain greater functional independence skills. Abhaya Pradha teaches the life skills that children need to succeed at the activities of daily life, thereby increasing individual independence, quality of life, and reducing the burden of care. Together with the child, parents and staff, and all others involved in the student's education, we design and implement outcomes-based programs which allow our students to succeed in environments they have been unable to manage before. Eventually, our students transition to a "less restrictive" setting - whether that be home, a group setting or the public school setting.