About Abhaya pradha Speech School About the Founder
Abhaya pradha is a registered nonprofit, non religious English medium school serving the educational needs of the hearing impaired and mentally challenged children from ages 0-16. Situated in Nacharam, Hyderabad, students come from all over Hyderabad. They are racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse; 4 different languages are spoken among families in the school.

The Abhaya pradha School has been educating deaf and mentally challenged students to become literate, reflective, independent thinking persons with the confidence, self esteem and tools necessary to contribute to society. Established in Feb 2012, it started with two children and now caters to the educational needs of 22 children.

The school follows unique techniques in imparting Special education to the Hearing Impaired to acquire speech and language, the main feature being that the children are encouraged to SPEAK through Oral Aural method of teaching. Mothers take active participation in the class room for the effective development of the child. The focus is to enhance the residual hearing powers of the children thus encouraging the children to speak rather than rely on sign language for communication.
      General Secretary
As an educationist, Dhanalaxmi has spent almost a decade, working relentlessly in the field of disability and education with great commitment. Has brought in several innovative methods to educate the hearing Impaired which has resulted in mainstreaming quite a number of hearing impaired children into regular schools. She believes in unique methods like Oral Aural teaching method, auditory verbal Method to develop speech and language to those who cannot hear. The challenge in teaching such children was the driving force behind setting up the school.