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 . Welcome to Abhaya pradha

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    Parents Feelings

Welcome To Abhaya pradha Speech School
Abhaya Pradha Speech School for intellectually challenged, hearing impaired is located in Raghavendra Nagar at Nacharam. The main goal of our school is to provide education to the children who are intellectually challenged, hearing impaired and develop their skills in a similar manner as the normal children.

We are arranging HEARING AID to the children and help them listen different types of sounds and also we give training to the children in SPEECH & LANGUAGE THERAPY. Abhaya Pradha also shows the procedure of speech & language therapy to the parents of the children and asks them to encourage their children practice at their residence. We also give the education to the children in accordance with their age. Abhaya Pradha is providing 1 teacher for every 8 students. The syllabus or the training in Speech and Language therapy given will be brief to the children for the easy understanding and is at par with the current curriculum. Speech and Language Therapy will be provided to the children in their native language and the education regarding the academics will be in English Medium and we are also providing Computer Education to the children.

Abhaya Pradha provides education to the students who are intellectually challenged and gives them a chance to adapt themselves and also gives counselling to the parents of the children. Abhaya Pradha teaches the children to maintain eye contact while communicating with others and make them comfortable to do their work themselves without seeking help from others.

The founder of ABHAYA PRADHA, Mrs. Dhana Lakshmi told that the school consist of 5 TEACHERS. The salaries are being given of her OWN MONEY to the staff. She also told that they are giving the FREE EDUCATION to the children in their school.

As per Abhaya Pradha Founder Mrs Dhana Lakshmi there are 5 teachers providing Free Education to Children.

Mrs Dhana Lakshmi is having the TEACHING experience of 10 years in different Speech Schools earlier.

The parents of ABHAYA PRADHA SPEECH SCHOOL students conveyed their Personal Feelings as below:
1. Sowmya’s Mother: Earlier my daughter was not able to hear anything so she used to talk nothing, but after joining in ABHAYA PRADHA she is able to call me “AMMA” and also she is saying some English words like “APPLE, BALL etc….”

2. Rohith’s Mother: Earlier my son was not able to listen and speak, but after joining in ABHAYA PRADHA he is able to hear sounds from behind. Now he is saying Telugu alphabets.

3. Irfan’s Mother: Earlier my son was unable to sit constantly at one place and also unable to write anything with pencil but after joining him in ABHAYA PRADHA he is able to write and read Telugu and English alphabets. I am feeling very happy…